Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Real Word of God. ~ Rabqa

There are many people that need the real truth of the Word, the real power not some genetically altered version of it. It is literally a life or death situation.

The real Word of God is the difference between hopelessness & hope, between misery & joy. It is all about heaven & hell; I will get to the point & be blunt. For some it is about whether or not they kill today. It is about whether or not they steal today. & for others it is about whether or not they go home & abuse their spouse, their children or themselves, or whether or not they fall on their face before God & start learning how to live His way.

Now when the pulpits strip away the real power from the Word, what do you think happens to all the people who would have otherwise heard what they needed to create a new life in Christ?

Jesus is the gateway to the truth, now He isn’t a truth or some truth He is the truth as we see in John 14:6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

Jesus said that He is the Way It is important for us to see He has a certain way of doing things, & if we will submit to His way, then everything will work out. But so often we wrestle & struggle with Him, trying to get Him to do things our way. It just doesn’t work. Let Jesus be the way in your life.

Have you ever been in a car with someone who does not know where he is going & refuses to ask for directions? Many people think there are many ways to God, & they search for the truth in different places, ignoring the directions that God gave us. However, the reality is through Jesus Christ. AS you follow Jesus, who is the Way, He will lead you in truth & you will experience fullness of life. Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus, that they too will find life & truth in Him.

He is the supreme nourishment for our soul. Once we accept Him, we have the ability to use His Word to transform our minds that is to renew our way of thinking so that we not only talk about Him, but we live His way. It is a higher & much better way with love at its very core.

Everything the Word offers says we can do & have is because of love. God loves so much that He wants the best for us~spiritually, physically, financially & in every way. He is a good God who wants to see His Children blessed in all ways, but it starts on the inside.

God’s Word is here to help us & stop us our old ways of thinking & get filled with new thoughts, higher thoughts that bring us hope, joy, peace & satisfaction. Notice I did not say religion is going to bring us those things. Religion based on genetically altered Bible teaching cannot do that. Today I find it is mostly a soft soap distortion of the real thing.

You see what is not real is always soft. Real love does not coddle. There are times for everything but sometimes we need to be challenged. The real, unadulterated Word of God nearly always does that. When we begin to read the Word of God with open eyes & an open heart, we will find that it can be both healing & abrasive. It is going to challenge us.

You see you can go higher in life. You can more than you think. God knows that you need to be challenged. His Word is full of challenging ideas or principals that fly in the face of reality & the genetically altered religious ideas that keep us numb, board & lazy. God created us for adventure. Life without is an adventure & faith makes it more so. Let me say without God it is vanity.

When people only are drinking & eating religious genetically altered spiritual meals, they become conditioned to believe the worst. When the real truth comes, they usually reject it outright because it smacks against what they have been hearing for so long. I can say this with authority because it has
happened to some people I have met in the last year.

Hearing the truth is a jolting experience. It presses us & pushes us to get out of our comfort zone& so something different.

Teaching on confessing the Word & using our own inner faith to bring out the power of the Word in everyday life is one of those jolting teachings. It makes a lot of people mad.

I have seen people get quite cross just hearing Scriptures about having faith in God. Because they know it leads to the kind of teaching they hate, they don’t care if Jesus said it. They really don’t want to hear anybody repeat what He said in that area. & they especially don’t want to hear you take what He said & start applying it.

You may wonder why all the hatred about something that is in the Word God? It is because does not sit well against their genetically altered idea about how things should be. It flies in the face of “tradition”

Dealing with tradition can be tough because people don’t like you messing about with sacred cows.

When Christians are confronted with faith teaching that blows away traditional church theology, they fight it with everything they have. They trash other Christians who believe it. They reject it & ridicule it, trying to stomp that teaching into the ground.

I can hear you thinking why would anyone ridicule others for believing what Christ said? It is all because of FEAR. Fear is at work~fear of losing the old, comfortable traditions. It is fear of change in the Church. I have also experienced that.

They say things like “There they go those name it & claim it people!” & “Blab & grab it!” They are actually sneering at the word faith, even though that is what got them saved in the first place.
When folk make fun of “Word of faith” people I always ask well “What would you like to be called word of doubt?” It is this simple if we call Christ our Lord. We have decided on varying degree of application.

If the teaching makes you mad, then you have to ask yourself why~not superficially, but really go to God & search your heart. When Jesus healed,He taught & spoke about faith all the time.

Jesus did things that are radical to our thinking & used faith as a basis. If He did it why would any Christian be mad at his fellow believers for following Christ’s lead? Even if you don’t want to apply that particular teaching, why get angry at others & hot under the collar?

Some of course have gone overboard with faith; But I don’t think it is because of the teaching itself is invalid. It is more likely to be they tried to live on someone else’s faith & never really developed their own.

Folk are not perfect. They are going to make mistakes. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Instead, just seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit & hold onto your childlike faith in Him.

You do not have to crush what you do not understand. You not have to criticize what you do not personally believe. Maybe you don’t understand the revelation of someone else received on that. Maybe you don’t know how far God wants to take them.

We all must let God be God, knowing that He can handle these things. He didn’t call us to fight each other...especially over His teaching!

I praise God that through technology my messages go all over the world. I get to share life changing principals in the world with all kinds of people who might not otherwise hear them. In some parts of the world they don’t have running water but somehow they may have a computer. I don’t understand it, but it’s true, the power of communication today is boundless.

I am not looking for a fight but I will not pander to the flesh, nor will I genetically alter the Word of God to fit into a politically correct viewpoint~even if it preached from pulpits across the world. God’s Word is far too valuable. Romans 12:2 AMP Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you].

Rom12:1 teaches That God is telling us to dedicate everything about ourselves to God, not just our possessions, money time, energy & efforts, but also our bodies & that includes heads, hands tongues & even our minds, emotions & attitudes.

We are to dedicate everything about ourselves to God as a “living sacrifice” holy, devoted, consecrated & pleasing to Him. This is our reasonable, (rational, intelligent) service & spiritual worship. (AMP)

All too often we get the impression that to totally serve & worship God means to involve our bodies & spirits, but there is more. Here Paul is saying that we are to serve & worship Him with our minds & emotions also. Invite God to think & speak through you. Let Him touch people through you. You can even serve God with your face by smiling & showing yourself to be friendly to other folk. Allow God to use all of you. The more of yourself & your life that you release to Him, the more you will be fulfilling & experience His peace & joy.

& in 12:2 which we have just looked at informs us that God has a plan in mind for us. His will towards us is good & acceptable & perfect, but we must completely renew our minds before we will ever experience the good things God has planned. We renew our minds & get a new attitudes & new ideas by studying God’s Word. His Word is truth as we saw a little earlier.

Notice that God is not talking about using the Word to change our spirit. That is because our spirit was already transformed when we received Christ as our saviour. It was an instant change~a rebirthing which dissolved the sin that separated us from our Saviour & Lord & put us back into spiritual alignment with God. If you died the moment after you gave your life to Christ salvation would be enough to get you to Heaven, but it’s not enough to live victoriously on earth.

God commands us to be “transformed.” Notice that this is not something He’s going to do for us. He tells us to it by “renewing our mind.” To do things His way. The Word is where we find His way of doing things. It is our manual for living life the best way. You may ask what can transformation do for me? It is going to help you prove or show the good & acceptable, & perfect will of God. The more you renew your mind, which is your way of thinking, the more you will see God’s good acceptable & perfect will come to pass.

The opposite is also true; if you don’t renew your mind, you will not see God’s good, acceptable or
perfect will come to pass. It is pointless to wish & hope that God will come through for you. Wishing & hoping does not bring His perfect will to pass; you must refuse to be conformed to this world & be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

God wants your brain engaged in this. He wants you to think His way; His way of thinking is what will change you; the way it works is from the inside out. First, you transform your spirit through salvation. Then, you transform your soul (mind, will & emotions) through renewing the mind. It is those two transformations that lead you to actually living His way, which is when you begin to see manifestations in your life.

Now this is not about becoming a faithful religious person. Religion will not transform you. It conforms you. Because it usually works from the outside in; giving you a list of dos & don’ts so that you “fit in” to the way it wants you to be. Religion has its basis in experience & sense knowledge. It usually is pretty faithless & nearly always tones everything down to a watery version of what Christ taught; in other words panders to the flesh.

Christ called us to be fishers of men, sadly we have not done that, but we have become keepers of aquariums.

That is what the church has become in a lot of ways. Instead of reaching out & bringing people to God & show them how to live a true, pure & faith filled life, the focus has turned to keep the fish happy, even though that is not what Jesus taught us to do.

It is so sad but the church is caught up in making the fish cosy & happy making sure that the water is just the right temperature. Do the fish have enough flakes to eat? Are the bubbles going in the right direction? Are the little cave & coral the right colour? Then they think to themselves...we, better not open the aquarium up to others to much, that is to say we do not want to mess up what we have got going & scare the fish away.

That is a genetically altered church! We are not fishers of men but keepers of aquariums!
You know aquariums are beautiful, but actually they are prisons...just ask the fish. We have imprisoned the fish! We do this every time we conform ourselves to what everybody wants in the church, instead of opening our eyes & hearts to heaven to see what God wants. He wants more fish!

God wants people saves, healed, at peace & spiritually strong, physically, emotionally, financially & in every other way. He wants them transformed with His Word so they can prove His good, acceptable & perfect will.

It is not the Pastors job to transform the fish, but it is his job to feed the fish, the fish’s job is to take that food & meditate on it & apply it so that they can prove His will for their lives. That is what God wants for all of us.

God did not create us to go stagnant. He most certainly does not want us to sit passively in pews doing nothing for Him all week long, just coming to the tank to feel the bubbles & have a snack on a
few fish flakes. That is a perfect recipe for conformity. We are called to be transformed not conformed.

Again we look at Romans 12:2 NkJ) And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

The Greek word for conformed is suschematizo. Compare “scheme” & “schematic.” Refers to conforming oneself to the outer fashion or outward appearance, accommodating oneself to a model or pattern. Suschematizo occurs elsewhere in the New Testament only in 1 Peter 1:14, where it describes those conforming themselves to worldly lusts. Even apparent or superficial conformity to the present world system or any accommodation to its ways would be fatal to the Christian life.

The best way to know God’s will is to become familiar with the Bible. That is because virtually everything you need to know concerning the will of God is in the Bible. If you get to know God’s Word & understand it clearly, you can know the will of God (Psalm 119:6, 7, 9 105).

Another way you can know the will of God is through prayer, when you commune with Him & learn what pleases Him. The Bibles says “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts” ( Col3:15). This means that the peace of God is like a regulator, so that when you violate the will of God His peace leaves you& you will have inner turmoil, immediately discovering you are going against God’s will. Knowing God’s Word & knowing the peace that comes about through a continuous relationship with Him are the best ways of knowing God’s will (John 15:4).

It is also true; however, that God will show us His will through a number of other means. He will show us His will through godly counsellors (Proverbs 19:20; 20:18; 24:26). We can also discern His will through circumstances; through the inner voice of the Spirit of God speaking to us; or through visions or dreams (Isaiah 1:1; Acts 2:17). He can reveal His will to us in many ways.

The key is to be sure we are submitted to Him & are willing to do whatever He shows us. If we purpose to do His will, we will know His leading.

Finally, for people who seemingly are unable to discern God’s positive directions, I recommended you to pray, “Father, I want you will above all else. Please do not let me miss your plan & purpose for my life.” Such surrender has the guarantee of His guidance Proverbs 3:5,6).

Church is important & God told us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves. It is a command. Church is for our own good because God wants us united & we need each other, but it is not a place we go to get conformed. Church is a place we all come together to learn & be transformed. It is a place to celebrate God & one another’s transformation, too. It is where we meet & encourage each other, & get stirred up so that we can go back out into the deep where lost fish are

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