Monday, 31 October 2016

Guest Speaker ~ Missionary to Chile.

 Elizabeth is one of 3 missionaries we support as a church. She has worked in Chile for the past 5 years ministering to disadvantaged children who, for one reason or another, find themselves in the care of the State: the 5% taken out of poverty, the 18% suffering from parental neglect, the 32% at risk of physical or psychological abuse and the 45% who have been sexually abused. 
 The work includes getting access to the Children's Homes [Residencies of Protection] & implementing their RUBI program. RUBI is an acronym for Resturacion [restoration], Uncion [anointing], Brillar [shine], Identidad [identity] found in Jesus Christ.

Chile has a rigid class system.  Children in care are considered the least of the least.  They have little hope & few diversions.  The RUBI team works to help them understand Jesus is always there for them, loves them & wishes to help them in their trouble.  As part of their mission they build relationships through music, crafts, cooking, play & Prayer.

 We were blessed to hear Elizabeth speak passionately & eloquently about her work & to investigate the *Chile Station* she set up.  Many thanks Elizabeth.  It is an honour & a privilege to support your work.

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